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Prishtina is the largest city and the capital of Kosovo (since 1947) with a total population of more than 500,000. Pristina is the cultural, economical, and administrative center of the country with a long history on its locality. Archeological discoveries date back as long ago as the Neolithic ages. Pristina’s southern district Ulpiana is believed to have been the center of the Illyrian province of Dardania and one of its most splendid cities with beginnings in the 2nd century BC. Pristina simply appeared as an oriental town before becoming the capital city. The old and narrow cobble stone streets along with houses made of mud bricks were replaced with wide streets, attractive tall buildings, and new modern complexes. Pristina is the main high education center for the country of Kosovo while it is home to the Academy of Arts and Sciences a place where the country’s intellectual minds gather. As you walk along the streets of the city during the summer, you will find yourself among many bars, shops, and other hangout centers having fun and blistering healthy laughter and joyful locals. Finally, the city of Pristina is known to have delicious food, friendly people, fun venues, an astonishing nightlife, and an overall great lifestyle...   

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