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Pristina full day tour

Pristina full day tour

Location: Pristina, Kosovo

Duration: 1 Days

Pristina is the capital of Kosovo and the cultural, economic, and administrative center of Kosovo with a long history in its locality. According to the nearby archeological foundation, it is estimated that this part has settlements dating back more than ten thousand years. In a full 1 day tour of Pristina, you can visit archeological sites, UNESCO-protected monuments, very old Ottoman sites, narrow stone streets, attractive high-rise buildings, and the New Born monument, which is becoming a symbol of Kosovo. 

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Full day tour in Prishtina (1 hour 40 minutes drive)

In the morning at 09:00 we meet you and starting the tour outside Pristina to visit the Battle of Kosovo Monument dedicated to the battle of 1389 between the forces of the Balkan Alliance led by Prince Lazar against the Ottoman Army led by Sultan Murad I. The battle was fierce and both army leaders were killed. Then we move on to the Mausoleum of Sultan Murad I, who was the third Sultan in a row in the Ottoman Empire. Then we head to Gadime Cave, a limestone cave also known as the Marble Cave. It was accidentally discovered by a villager cutting stone in 1966 and remains largely explored. After that, we continue with the largest ancient archeological site of Ulpiana, a Roman city in the province of Dardania, at the head of the Illyrian tribe of Dardanoi, also known as Justiniana Secunda have been discovered, evidence of Kosovo's ancient past. A little closer is the Monastery of Gracanica, a magnificent Orthodox Church built in two old structures by Stefan Milutin in 1321, a triumph of Byzantine architecture and part of the UNESCO-protected Medieval Kosovo Monuments. After those visits we return to Prishtina where we start our city tour in the old part of the city, with a visit to the Ethnographic Museum located in a typical house of Ottoman architecture, beautifully equipped with original objects that represent and testify to the ancient past, traditions and the way of life which some of them are still present in the rural part of Kosovo. Nearby is perhaps the most beautiful Imperial Mosque, being the Fatih Mosque dating back to 1460 during the golden age of Sultan Mehmed II. Its large dome of the ceiling dome crowns a brilliantly painted Arabesque model flower, and otherwise we have the Clock Tower. Then we continue to the Jashar Pasha Mosque a 19th century building and the National Museum. A few meters away from there, is the Bazaar Mosque completed in 1389 making it the oldest building in the city. After visiting these buildings that represent a history from the 14th century, we continue our visits to a monument built during the communist era called the Brotherhood Monument. Then we visit the government buildings of Kosovo which are located in the main pedestal area called Mother Teresa Boulevard and the monument of the most important political figure of Kosovo Albanians, Ibrahim Rugova honored them with the Saharov Prize of the European Parliament. He played a crucial role during the late 1980s and 1999s in raising the issue of Kosovo Albanians on the international agenda and their cause for independence. On the same boulevard we visit the Monument of Gjergj Kastriot-Skenderbeu (Albanian National Hero) an important military and political figure in Albanian and European history, who resisted the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in Europe and the Balkans during the first half of XV-XV E the opposite right is the oldest hotel known as the "Hotel Union" built and influenced by Austro-Hungarian architecture which during the first decade was named Hotel Skanderbeg. Walking along Mother Teresa Boulevard we will visit the Mother Teresa Monument. After that we walk through the pedestal area and while walking you can catch the breath of this young population which half of the population is under 26 making it the youngest population in Europe. At the end of the boulevard we will visit the "Born i Ri" monument designed in a hurry to be the central point of the declaration of independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008, and the "Heroinat" monument dedicated to more than twenty thousand Kosovo Albanian women that suffered violence and death by Serbian military and paramilitary forces during the war in late 1998-1999. From there we continue our visit to Mother Teresa Cathedral considering it to be one of the largest Catholic Cathedrals in the Balkans. In front of the Cathedral is the public University campus and we end our full tour of Pristina with a visit to the National Library with its unique architecture, looking from a distance it looks like a bird nest built of iron mesh. After that we will accompany you to your hotel and wish you a pleasant stay as long as you stay in Kosovo and we look forward to coming again and visiting the rest of Kosovo, an unexplained destination.


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