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Grand tour of Kosovo

Grand tour of Kosovo

Location: Kosovo

Duration: 8 Days

Discover the wonders of Kosovo with Balkan Destination's Grand Tour! Get ready for an unforgettable journey exploring the rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse culture of Kosovo.
On this grand tour, we'll take you to: Majestic churches and monasteries - Fascinating archaeological and UNESCO sites - Mysterious caves and Ottoman-era mosques - Informative museums showcasing the region's history - Breathtaking mountain peaks, waterfalls, and lakes –( Optional -Engaging activities, like Zip Line, Via Ferrata and horse riding) - And let's not forget the mouthwatering traditional food and delectable local wines! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Kosovo.

This tour is private. For group tours of more than 10 people in a group, please contact us for lower prices.

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Day 1: Pristina Airport – Pristina (30 min. driving time - walking tour 2 hours) D

We welcome you at Prishtina International Airport and we head to Pristina the Capital of Kosovo, which is the main administrative and cultural center in the country. We check-in at the hotel and take a walk throughout the city visiting some of the main attractions like the “NEW BORN” monument which is becoming the symbol of Independence, Zahir Pajaziti monument and square, the Mother Teresa Monument and Boulevard, the Monument of Scanderbeg (Albanian National Hero), the Clock Tower, Kosovo Government buildings, the National Library, National Museum. In our particular interest are the Ottoman period mosques of Pristina with probably the most beautiful, being the Fatih Mosque dating back to 1461 during the golden era of Sultan Mehmet II. Its huge ceiling domed cupola crowns a splendidly painted floral interior of Arabesque design. Nearby is Pristina's oldest building, the Çarshia Mosque completed in 1389. We continue our visit to the Ethnographic Museum situated in a typical Ottoman architecture house, beautifully stocked with original artifacts which testify to the traditional way of living of the people in Kosovo visit also the Kosovo National Museum for Kosovo History. Overnight in Prishtina. 4-star hotel. NOTE: if your arrival in Pristina Airport is very late afternoon, or evening, the visits of today will be organized on second day, or on the last day of the tour.

Day 2: Pristina- Bear Sanctuary-Gracanica Monastery(UNESCO) –Ulpiana -Pristina (1.5hours drive - walking tour 3.5 hours) B, L

After breakfast, we head to Bear Sanctuary, a place with a 16-hectare area and a home for 20 brown bears, which previously were held locked in cages by their owners to amuse people in restaurants or private zoos. After we walk around for 1.5 hours and enjoy watching this magnificent and innocent creature, on the opposite side is Badovci Lake which is one of the major drinkable water suppliers for Pristina city but also an attractive place to do (kayaks Optional). After lunch time at Bear Sanctuary, we take a short drive ahead to visit Gracanica Monastery a superb Orthodox Church built by king Stefan Milutin in 1321 within two remaining structures of an older church and part of the Kosovo Medieval Monuments protected by UNESCO. After that, we continue with the largest ancient archeological site of Ulpiana, a Roman city in the province of Dardania, at the head of the Illyrian tribe of Dardanoi, also known as Justiniana Secunda has been discovered, evidence of Kosovo's ancient past. After these visits, we drive to Pristina for Overnight 4-star hotel. (If anyone is for shopping or visiting any shopping mall that is enough time to do so today)

Day 3: Pristina - Battle of Kosovo Monument - Sultan Murad I Tomb- Vushtrri – Mitrovica - Prekaz – Pristina (2 hours driving time - walking tour 2 hours for all day) B, D

After breakfast we will visit Battle of Kosovo monument dedicated to the battle of 1389 between a Balkan Alliance force against an Ottoman army led by Sultan Murad I. Both leaders were killed in a legendary battle and a few miles from this site is the symbolic grave of Sultan Murad I build by his son Bayezid I, becoming the oldest Ottoman monument in Kosovo. After visiting the complex, we continue on to Vushtrri to visit the old castle in the middle of town and the old Stone Bridge. After this visit we continue to Mitrovica a controversial city of extraordinary importance for the mining of Northern Kosovo that is divided by the Ibar River, with the northern part predominantly inhabited by Serbs and the southern part predominantly inhabited by Albanians. We visit Xhamia e Zallit, is a mosque located in the southern part of the city, and the Church of St. Demetrius which is located in the northern part. We walk on the Ibar Bridge that connects the two sides of the city, serving as a symbolic and physical divide between the two communities. Kosovo has been for centuries a land of contrasts something which has been reflected in a troubled history ancient and recent. A testimony to this is the monumental complex of the Jashari family, we will drive for about 30 minutes from Mitrovica to Prekaz, in honour of this family which in the recent 1999 conflict resisted till self-sacrifice of all members to give ethnic Albanian’s, a majority population in Kosovo the chance of self-determination. Return to Pristina for dinner and overnight. 4-star hotel.

Day 4: Pristina – Janjeva - Gadime Cave-Prevalla - Prizren (3.3 hours driving time - walking tour 3.5 hours for all day) B, D

After breakfast we head to Janjeva a small Croatian village located in the municipality of Lipjan. It is known for its picturesque surroundings, traditional architecture, and friendly locals. The village is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the rich culture and history of the region. Visitors can explore the narrow streets, visit the local Catholic churche. Janjeva is a charming and peaceful destination that offers a glimpse into the traditional way of life in Kosovo. Then we continue to Prevalla on the way we make a quick visit at Gadima Cave, a karst limestone cave known as Marble Cave. It was discovered by chance by a villager cutting stone in 1966 and remains largely unexplored. We walk you around the cave and see the rocks in magnification formations. During our journey to Prevalla, we pass through beautiful Sharri Mountains a breath-taking landscape. Sharri Mountains known as Albanian Alps it is located and shared between Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania as a meeting point of this three countries are the Korabi Mountain. Sharri Mountains is distinguished by botanical, fauna, ecological, recreational, sportive, educative and cultural values. Sharri Mountains is extremely rich and varied in landscape offering the perfect place for nature lovers with twenty-five lakes in the altitude 1900 m above sea level, almost 2000 plant species, with 30-40 of them belonging to European and world endangered plant species, and a rich fauna which make this area a great place to visit. We will be able to drive through canyons, admire hills of varied forms, of mountains and forests in a day full of changing landscapes and colors. After we arrive to Prevalla which is located in the Sharri Mountains with an altitude of 1540 m. We stop here for a short break, and walk around, here it can be experienced three different climates on the same day and it is often snow-covered from November to May. After taking some pictures here you can by and taste especially the well-known Sharri Mountain chees, blackberries fruits and BlackBerry and blueberry fresh juices, honey, etc. Than continue driving to visit Prizren we start a walking tour of Prizren the cultural capital of Kosovo and the second-largest city and best-preserved city in the country with cobblestone streets, beautifully crafted shops old houses, religious monuments such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Prizren's main Catholic church since 1870. The Mosque of Sinan Pasha was built-in 1615, St. George Orthodox Cathedral, and other national importance monuments were started the national awareness, then we head down and visit the Albanian League of Prizren a historical and Ethnographic museum. Overnight and dinner in Prizren 4-star Hotel.

Day 5: Prizren – Mirusha Waterfall – Hoca e Madhe /Velika Hoca - Rahovec – Gjakova (2.3 hours driving time - walking tour 4 hours for all day) B, L, D

After breakfast, we continue our visits by taking an easy hike through a narrow street to the City Castle which is located at the top of the city, 535 meters above sea level built-in 11th century AD, from there we enjoy the city landscape view. Afterward, we drive to visit Mirusha Waterfalls, a chain of waterfalls found in the Mirusha River, situated on the south of the Gremnik Mountains at an altitude of 572 meters. Mirusha River carved a 10 km long canyon and created 13 river lakes with 12 waterfalls between them. The stunning landscape with rocks and caves around the waterfalls, form an overwhelming sight and present a special attraction pleasing to any eye. After the visits we proceed through Rahoveci fields of grapes which you can be forgotten and think you are in Tuscany where we have lunch and a wine testing. After wine testing and luch visit the St. Jovan Monastery at Hoca e Madhe which is a beautiful Orthodox monastery located in the village of Hoca e Madhe in Rahovec. The monastery is known for its stunning architecture and peaceful surroundings, making it a popular destination for visitors seeking spiritual reflection and tranquility. Than continue on the main road to Gjakova, it is the Fshajt Bridge, 30 meters high from the river lever and it is located in the Fshajt village which crosses over the White River. The bridge, which is at the southern end of a fantastic gorge, is a very popular place during the summer for its organizations such as camping and jumping competitions from this bridge in the water running down, here you can also cross the river by walking on an iron bridge created for walking on the top of the river which gives you extraordinary adrenaline. This bridge is called the Tibetan Bridge. Because of her height and the interest that this jumping competition has across the Balkans, it has the same reputation as jumping competitions at Mostar Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Continuing not far from Fshajt Bridge is an Ottoman-era bridge 190 meters long, along the Erenik River. A stone bridge with 11 arches dating from the 15th century, and is named after the renovations made in the 18th century, financed by local artisans now it is known as Tailors Bridge. After visiting this bridge, we continue to the city of Gjakova and visit the old quarter called: Çarshi full of old houses, shops, bars, and the 16th-century Hadum Aga Mosque. Dinner and overnight at Çarshia e Jupave or similar a stone tower converted to a hotel.

Day 6: Gjakova- Decan Monastery (UNESCO)- Sleeping Beauty Cave and White Drini Waterfall-Patriarchate of Peja (UNESCO) - Rugova Valley - Boge (2.2 hours driving time - walking tour 3 hours for all day) B, L, D

After breakfast, we proceed to Peja, on the road we stop at The Monastery complex of Decan considered the largest medieval church in the Balkans and contains the most extensive beautifully preserved fresco decorations. It is one of the most important parts of the Medieval Monuments of Kosovo under the protection of UNESCO for their importance in the preservation of World Heritage. This monastery was constructed by king Stefan Urosh and later buried in the chapel along with his son Stefan Dushan. Interesting is the fact that the catholicon has striking similarities to a roman catholic church which can be explained by the fact that its architect was a Franciscan monk from the Montenegrin town of Kotor, where he was in contact with obvious architectural influences from Venice. Afterward, we continue to Drini Waterfall a stunning natural attraction located in the village of Radavc. The waterfall cascades down a series of rocky cliffs, creating a picturesque and tranquil setting for visitors to enjoy. Nearby, we will also explore the Sleeping Beauty Cave, a mysterious underground cavern with unique rock formations and a fascinating history. This hidden gem is a must-visit for nature lovers and adventure seekers looking to experience the beauty of Kosovo's natural landscapes. After this visit we stop for lunch at one of the restaurants in Radavc, then we continue from here driving to the Patriarchate of Peja -UNESCO a spiritual seat and mausoleum of archbishops and patriarchs. Constructed in the XIII century, it is a complex of small churches adorned with frescoes. The complex of churches for the architectural and cultural values it represents is part of UNESCO. Late afternoon, before we had up, to Rugova Gorge in Boge a touristic village, optional. To experience the Zip Line which is the 7th biggest in the world, also if you wish continue to "Via Ferrata," the first of its kind in the Balkans. A vertical rock face of 100 meters is perfect for experiencing the thrill of rock climbing in a controlled environment. Hiking and climbing along the cables and wires offer a spectacular view over the city of Peja and the Rugova Gorge. Note: The Via Ferrata is done with professional equipment provided, trained guides, and advanced construction supported by Italian professionals with extensive experience in the Italian Dolomites. No rock climbing experience is required. There are metal steps installed in the rock face making it a doable climb for just about anyone. We dine and overnight at Boge or Kushutan Rugova Mountain. 4-star hotel.

Day 7: Boge/Rugova Valley-Kuqishte-Liqenat-Pristina (4 hours of moderated hiking and 3h driving for all day) B, L, D

Today after breakfast we will do a short hike at Rugova Mountain, this hike will take approximately 4 hours’ round trip. During this hike, you will see fascinating views of the Rugova Mountains.  We start our tour from Boge village, first we take a short drive approx. 30 minutes to Kuqishte and from there we take a medium to moderated hike to visit the beautiful glacial lake, in local language is known as “Liqenati” which is 1900 m above sea level and does not dray all the summer. This lake is located on the border between Kosovo and Montenegro and 30% of the lake belongs to Montenegro. After this wonderful day, we drive to Pristina for dinner and overnight 4-star hotel.

Day 8: Pristina – Pristina Airport (0.30 minutes driving time) B

Free time till departure.

We will drive you to Pristina Airport according to your flight schedule and say goodbye to Kosovo with a promise to keep the colorful memories that we have created together and wish you to visit us again.

End of our services.


  €895   per person sharing a double or twin room for 9-10 participants 

  €965   per person sharing a double or twin room for 7-  8 participants 

€1055   per person sharing a double or twin room for 5-  6 participants 

€1095   per person sharing a double or twin room for 3-  4 participants 

€1440   per person sharing a double or twin room for       2 participants 

€1999   for 1 participant in a double room                     
Single supplement = 
€115. (Single rooms will usually be double or twin for single use.)


  • Transfers from and to the airport with A/C vehicle
  • Accommodation in good 4-star hotels
  • All transportation according to the program with A/C vehicle
  • Guide /driver for all tour according to the itinerary, (only for min 6 pax drive and guide are separate people)
  • Breakfasts from day 2 to day 8
  • 4 Lunches in total (1 lunches taken away during the hike, 1 wine testing + lunch and 2 lunches in traditional restaurants) - L
  • 6 Dinners in different restaurants with traditional food - D
  • 1 Glass of Wine, Beer, or Soft drink with every meal
  • All entrance fees for places mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Bottle of water for each day during the tour per person
  • Activities, equipment as per program (hiking, caving, etc.)
  • Local Guide in specific places
  • 24/7 assistance from Balkan Destination
  • All taxes


X Flight Tickets

X Insurance

X Souvenirs and personal items

X Gratuities to guide and driver and hotel and restaurants Staff

X Everything not mentioned in the “Includes” section

Extra Services:

Pre or Post Tour night prices at Hotel down town or Similar:

Single room: 65 €

Double room: 80 €

Private transfer from Pristina to Pristina Airport or vice versa for Pre or Post Turing:

1- 3 pax - € 45.00 per transfer.

Additional clarifications for this tour: Our guide will give you the presentation of the tour in general on the first day on arrival, also every day before you go to the hotel, the guide will explain the itinerary for the following day. This tour from day 2 to day 7 starts at 09:00 and ends approximately at 17:00 or 18:00 depending on the traffic.

Best months for tours

We recommend you booking this tour for one of the months: April, May, June, Julay, September or October. However this tour can be booked also in other months as per your request, we arrange the tour during the 12 months of the year.

Cancellation Policy

Payment Conditions for Group Departure dates, for clients that book directly at our website.

1.1. THE CLIENT is required to pay Balkan Destination a deposit of 30% of the total amount at the moment he/she book the tour as per departure dates or Private tour (FIT) at our website.

1.2. The remaining 70% of the total amount must be paid to Balkan Destination LTD, no later than 30 days prior to start date of services of this tour group departure or Private (FIT) tour.

1.3. If you book this tour within 30 days before the tour starts according to the group departure dates or as per your departure date as a private (FIT) tour, we will require from you to pay 100% whole amount before the tour starts.

Cancellation Policy for Group Departure dates and Private Tours

For group tours of 6 people or more, the following cancellation policy will apply:

a. If the reservation is cancelled/amended 45 days or more, prior to the arrival date, then a full refund will be given, minus a bank transaction charges.

b. If the reservation is cancelled/amended 44 to 30 days, prior to the arrival date, a 10 % penalty of the total amount will apply.

c. If the reservation is cancelled/amended 29 to 21 days, prior to the arrival date, a 30 % penalty of the total amount will apply.

d. If the reservation is cancelled/amended 20 to 15 days, prior to the arrival date, a 50 % penalty of the total amount will apply.

e. If the reservation is cancelled/amended 14 to 7 days, prior to the arrival date, a 70 % penalty of the total amount will apply.

f. If the reservation is cancelled/amended less than 7 days prior to the arrival date a non-refund will apply.

g. In case of no shows or early interruption of services a strict non-refund rule will apply.

Cancellation for FIT/Individuals private bookings. FIT tours of 5 participants or less which have been confirmed paid and Invoice settled, can be cancelled without penalty up to 10 days prior to arrival date. Cancellations after this deadline will be charged 100% in full. Bank transfer for refunds will be the recipients’ responsibility.

Balkan Destination reserve the right to cancel any of the published tours on our site only according to fixed dates that are published for groups. When there are not enough participants on the relevant dates, in such cases, we may cancel the departure date by notifying the clients that already booked in a written notice, no later than 30 days prior to the start of the tour departure date. In such cases when we cancel a departure due to insufficient participants on the due date, the clients will be refunded all the money 100 % they have paid to us in total.

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